Friday, May 28, 2010

Rock PAPER scissors... paper always wins, right?

So.  I'm basically obsessed with stationary.  I LOVE LETTERPRESS.  I want one.  I want to quit my day job and just design gorgeous little 3x5 flat cards to write notes to my friends..  I love the texture of the thick stiff paper and I love delicacy of the designs, pressed into the paper grain.

I visit Paper Shops the way some people visit museums. I get emails and catalogs from a papersource.

I own an embosser. is a recent discovery of mine - I came across some of their cards at a great little stationary store in Boston called Black Ink. (In eight months I, maybe, spent as much money in Black Ink as a normal person would spend on a food, water and gas combined... if they drove a really big SUV. )  Anywaaaaaaay.... I love these beautiful shades of pink peacock feathers.  They are so lovely and they make me want to lay on a blanket in the sun... writing love notes to my fella.

Peacock Feathers!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fashionably Wed

I am recently married (01.02.2010) and pretty much love my new knotted life.  Its like having your best friend over to play all the time... (We aren't even six months in okay?  Cut me some slack....) I love how much fun we have and how nicely we forgive each others faults.  We are definitely still in the honeymoon stage. 

One thing I would like to change however is my wedding band.  Not forever mind you... but  more like a favored jewel.  I love my current platinum and diamonds... but I also want vintage gold! Perhaps just a plain sleek ring.. I want options!!!  It is perhaps the most lovely type of collection a girl can have, right?  So why not?  Its was so much fun to get married... who not have fun picking out the symbol of that marriage for the rest of my life???

I've been looking at all kinds of wedding bands - especially gold. My inclination is definitely toward rosy gold and intrique little flower patterns... but of all the bands I have looked at, I can easily say the ones from St. Kilda are my favorite.

This one gives me butterflies.
"Loved" Ring in 14k gold.

On Tumblr!

The Look

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